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The power of the words we choose can radically alter our message and our effect upon others.  If the others are children, our words and message takes an even more sensitive turn. Why?  The answer lies in the  intuitive makeup and unaltered antennae of the children themselves. They haven’t developed filters that change or otherwise pollute the effects and impact of politically correct verbiage. They speak what they see and what is true to to them, not what sounds expedient, polite or benign. Our verbal expressoin to children needs to be delivered concretely as well as with awareness of our unspoken feelings that accompany the words.

A friend and teacher colleague recently sent me a U-Tube video at   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzgzim5m7oU  that I hope you will watch  The video speaks to the value of our words, what they express and how they reflect our perspective. Interestingly, it is precisely that perspective that we deliver/portray that ultimately affects others – perhaps in ways that we might never have imagined.  At some level we all know this truth. Today, however, I offer the challenge to take action upon this truth. By simply having an awareness of how your words are perceived, you can make a difference. 

When we speak to children, we speak volumes by our attitudes and by the exactness of expression that we deliver. Do you think of this when you interact with your child(ren)?  How clearly we would speak if we only retained this childlike quality all the days of our lives!  However, that doesn’t happen.  We grow, we are exposed to life and learn from our experiences – including those that cause us regret, remorse and pain. All good. However, life experience does not only change our words, it changes the feelings behind the words.

Are you willing to consider how you deliver your words, your expressions? Can such an action make a difference even in this time-pressed and demanding world that consumes us daily?  Can we make a difference by our words? Have you done so – either with children or without?