“Dr. Dolasinski’s vast knowledge of education and strength in writing helped the Rodel Foundation receive grants from our early proposals.  She is experienced, focused, and creative; a combination of attributes that result in high-quality work.”
~ Dr. Carol G. Peck, President and CEO, Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona

“Working with Dr. Dolasinski was like having my own personal  academic GPS!  She truly appeared to enjoy her time as she guided me in the editing and organization of my Masters thesis.  We didn’t simply brainstorm together, we brain-hurricaned!  Thank you, Trish, for your help. I feel very secure about  my paper.”
~ Katie Owens, Master’s Student

“Dr. Dolasinski is not only a gifted writer, she possesses a depth of skills that bring out the best in people. My district hired Dr. Dolasinski to work with two of our schools on the Arizona A+ Schools Program. Both schools were among the top ten in the state that received site visits from the A+ committee. We know this was due to Trish’s ability to establish a positive rapport with staff members and implement a strong collaborative process with the school and community. Her expert writing skills and her ability to synthesize the data she was given put our schools in the forefront of educational excellence. Working with Trish during the five months of the process was sheer pleasure!”
~ Dr. Marian K. Hermie, Superintendent, Fountain Hills Unified School District, Arizona

“The best facilitators have the ability to break the ice, understand the material to be covered and keep the momentum going.  Trish excels effortlessly in all three! She is a joy to be around and is always organized. I looked forward to every gathering during the 32 weeks our group met for book study and discussion.”
~ James Spencer, President, Video Learning Library, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Trish Dolasinski is a feature columnist for Arizona Wise Women Write network. In her monthly “Spinning a Good Yarn” section, Trish encourages writers to express themselves through the process of journaling. Her prose is always thought-provoking and motivating. Trish is a joy to work with.”
~ Windy Lynn Harris, Editor of Wise Women Write Monthly.

“It was a pleasure to have Trish Dolasinski work with our district as she assisted us in crafting what became a successfully funded federal High School Dropout Prevention grant for $52,000. Our staff members found her to be quite skilled in facilitating the idea-generation process and extremely well-qualified in both writing and editing as well. Trish’s positive approach to assisting others is encouraging and inspiring, motivating everyone to be the best they can be in what can sometimes become a very challenging process. In working with Trish, I knew we were winners before we ever received formal receipt of our award. Dr. Trish Dolasinski is, unequivocally, a “class-act” consultant. 
~ Dr. Tacy C. Ashby, Superintendent, Cave Creek Unified School District, Arizona

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